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Sanitary Temperature Sensors
Hygienic sensors are among the most fundamental measuring instruments for monitoring and controlling production processes or CIP/SIP processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Anderson-Negele’s line of temperature sensors ensure efficient processes and sustainable quality with the highest precision and short response times when measuring temperatures and temperature changes in liquid media in many applications, including breweries, dairies, beverage and wine production and in the pharmaceutical industry.
Sanitary Design / Sanitary Materials of RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector) and Temperature Sensors
The high-quality Anderson-Negele temperature sensors and gauges are manufactured completely in stainless steel. For applications in the food industry quality class 1.4404 (316L) is used, and for pharmaceutical applications 1.4435 (316L) is used. Due to their extremely robust and durable design, the sensors can withstand extreme mechanical stresses such as vibrations and pressure shocks that occur repeatedly in many applications in practice.
Process Adaptations / Installation of the RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector) and Temperature Sensors
Anderson-Negele offers a wide range of process connections to ensure extensive flexibility when it comes to installation in new plants or retrofitting in existing processes, tanks, or pipes. In addition to temperature sensors with Tri-Clamp connection or O-ring seals, there are also versions that allow for installation without a process opening and can be used in pipelines with very small diameters. Most configurations meet Sanitary design specifications such as EHEDG, 3-A, and FDA.

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