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Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers monitor storage conditions of materials used in pharmaceutical manufacture.
Tinytags are used by a manufacturer of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, used in the pharmaceutical industry, to monitor warehouse temp/RH as part of an ongoing product stability programme. Speciality Minerals manufactures Precipitated Calcium Carbonate which is used in the construction, automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries. As the products are used in pharmaceutical applications, the Company is required to have an ongoing stability programme to determine the storage conditions and shelf life of the products. This gives customers confidence that products are safe for human medicines/consumption and will not spoil over the quoted timescale.
Tinytags were recommended to the company, who researched the products and were impressed with their ease of use, as well as the user friendly Tinytag Explorer Software used for setting up and downloading the loggers. Mark Yates, MD of Scan Film or Store Ltd comments, “Tinytag loggers are a vital element in our maintaining the storage of extremely important X-rays of aircraft parts. They allow us to quickly and easily monitor and record temperature/RH levels, to prove our secure storage is within customer prescribed limits.”
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