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Haight’s heavy-duty, positive displacement rotary gear pumps are truly “pumps that perform.” All of our engineering, manufacturing, and application skills are focused on the development, production, and sales of dependable, versatile, and quiet products designed to meet the needs of our customers. The most reliable of today’s rotary gear pumps are built on the “gear within the gear” principle that Haight pioneered.
Our current product line consists of the following:
Internal Gear Pumps
External Gear Pumps
Custom Gear Pumps
Centrifugal Pumps
Bed Plate Assemblies
Haight pumps are self-priming and will develop up to 27” of vacuum. NOTE: depending upon actual application conditions, it is sound engineering practice to keep vacuum to a minimum.
Although suction conditions are a factor in determining pump speed, normally for liquids with viscosity’s over 2000 SSU, reduced speeds and larger line sizes are recommended to avoid cavitation and diminished pump capacity.
Capacity Range: 1 GPM to 240 GPM
Viscosity Range: 32 SSU to 500,000 SSU
Pressure Range: Non-Lubricating @ 100 PSI / Lubricating @ 650 PSI*
Temperature Range: -800F to 6200F*

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