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Variable Area Transparent Flowmeters is measure flow by allowing the flow stream to change the opening within the flowmeter by moving an internal part. When the flow increases, the fluid generates more force and moves the internal part farther.
One variable area flowmeter measures flow in a vertical metering tube by balancing the downward weight of a float with the upward force of the flowing fluid. Spring-opposed float designs allow this type of flowmeter to be installed in horizontal pipes, because the functioning of the float is not dependent upon gravity. These flowmeters can be read locally because their glass or plastic metering tubes have markings that relate the height of the float (that can be seen) with the flow rate of the fluid. Flowmeters with remote signals are typically constructed with metal tubes, and include a transmitter that senses the height of the float to determine fluid flow.
Vane-style variable area flowmeters have a spring-opposed vane that moves in relation to the flow rate. Similarly, piston variable area flowmeters use a spring-opposed piston that moves in relation to the flow rate and are less sensitive to viscosity than vane-style variable area flowmeters. Both vane-style and piston variable area flowmeters can be connected to an indicator or transmitter.
Port Size: 1/4 inch to 2 inch
Range: 0.5 to 550 LPM

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